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Imagery leverages local advertising so you can engage your target audience and market in a creative way.

In a noisy digital world, local print advertising paired with beautiful design allows us and our clients to connect on a human level. Our services result in strong and lasting impact because we know the importance of showcasing your business where your audience will see and trust it.

We continue to build local connections that allow us to catapult your business to another level. 

Image by NMG Network

Based in Northern Virginia, Imagery brings trained designer eyes and marketing backgrounds to the world of print advertising. 

Since 1985, Imagery has helped companies strategize and implement their creative visions. With authentic advertising and design, Imagery has worked closely with various companies to create strategies that produce unparalleled results.

With over 30 years of experience in publishing HOA-Sponsored Publications in Northern Virginia, you can be sure your business is in the right hands.


MaryPat Pic

MaryPat Imlah

Owner & Chief Executive Officer

Melissa Pic

Melissa Gonzalez

Manager, Finance, Sales & Advertising

Jamie Pic

Jamison Diaz-Imlah

Director, Marketing, Sales & Production

Alejandra Pic

Alejandra Diaz-Imlah

Manager, Design & Social Media 

Rocio Pic

Rocio Rauda

Manager, Sales

Christine Pic

Christine D'Amico

Director, Promotional Products

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